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Contract Number: N00178-10-D-6043

Point of Contact:

David Safronoff

To meet Sea Power 21 objectives and to increase efficiency, the NAVSEA Warfare Centers established the Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle. This contract vehicle utilizes a web-based, e-business procurement portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time. The ordering community of Seaport-e was expanded in 2004 to include all Virtual SYSCOM activities. Other activities, including the Military Sealift Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, Defense Threat Reduction (DTRA) and the United States Marine Corps have also chosen to use SeaPort-e.


The FEDDATA Seaport-e Team:

FEDDATA Team Member Corporate Summary

Federal Data Systems (FEDDATA) is a small company that specializes in network infrastructure design, survivability, disaster recovery and data forensics.  After 9/11, FEDDATA engineers designed a single network infrastructure to replace more than 40 individual LANs in the Pentagon.  FEDDATA is also a leader in virtual system security, working as part of the General Dynamics Team to consolidate and virtualize more than ten thousand servers. We provide firewall and forensics support to the Internal Revenue Service for both internal data and Department of the Treasury investigations.
Synaptek Corporation, a small disadvantaged business (SDB) established in 2008, is focused on implementing effective technical solutions for our customers.  Founded by former management professionals from Large Systems Integrators (LSI) – the focus of the company is to bring the quality technical professionals that are required for enterprise. Our focus on four key business areas includes Systems Integration, Application Development, Operations Support, Program Management.  The company’s strength and experience with crafting and executing architecture blue prints for large enterprise scale deployments stand out.  The thoughtful application of technology to solve mission problems is characterized by our employees and captured in our tag-line “Technology at the speed of thought”.  Synaptek nimbly utilizes the best that information technology offers to meet the business needs of our Federal, State and Local Government customers.
Frontline Solutions is a premier professional services company that proudly provides experienced program and acquisition management support, systems engineering, and intelligence analysis contractors to the Intelligence Community and Private Industry. Frontline is staffed with highly accomplished employees from diverse backgrounds who all share in the collective motivation to make significant contributions to our clients. Attracting and retaining the top available talent in the industry makes Frontline an employer of choice and provides our customers with the high-level skills and flexibility they need to meet their mission requirements.
Founded in 1996, Decisive Analytics Corporation is a System Engineering Company specializing in providing analytical solutions to complex problems. We provide high level expertise aligned to functional areas which all involve delivering cutting edge analytical services and products.  Our complimentary functional areas include: Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Video Asset Management, Systems Analysis, Acquisition Support, Mobile Sensor Platforms, Strategic and Operational User Support, International Support and System Security Engineering. Our customers include various DoD activities, other Government agencies and commercial businesses with requirements for affordable, effective systems solutions.
NBS Enterprises (NBS) is a Woman-Owned Small Business founded in 2003. NBS possesses exceptional talent in the management and technical administration of global requirements for several Government agencies. The experience that NBS has gained enables us to knowledgeably and efficiently coordinate logistics and support operations and transform IT environments to effectively support the ever changing mission.  Over 98% of corporate revenue is derived from Task Order based IDIQ’s which requires understanding of requirements, acquisition strategy/support and investment in infrastructure to bid, win, operate and deploy.


FEDDATA Experience Per Functional Area:

3.2 Engineering Support

3.6 Software

3.7 RM&A

3.12 IS/IA/IT

3.16 Logistics Support

3.20 Program Support

3.21 Administrative Support


Quality Assurance Approach:

In support of the SEAPORT-E contract, the FEDDATA corporate Quality Control Manager (QCM) will work with Task Managers in planning QC activities, reviewing QC activities on a periodic and event-driven basis, addressing all non-compliance issues, and will work to ensure that FEDDATA’s team meets and exceeds the performance measures within established SLAs.  In addition, each Task Manager will work with the QCM to review and audit all work products, processes, procedures, services, and report findings to FEDDATA’s corporate management.  As a result, the QCM will have responsibility for the implementation of this comprehensive quality control system for all Seaport-e tasks.

In managing the contract, the Quality Control Manager will be responsible for reviewing project activities and will audit work products throughout the life cycle using personnel independent of the task.  In addition, the Quality Control Manager will work with each task manager to ensure that activities, services and products are evaluated for compliance against the requirements, PWS, contract, and designated standards and task-specific procedures.  FEDDATA has existing procedures for monitoring, measuring, and validating all processes, products, and services.  Once a task is specified, procedures will be developed to ensure the elimination or correction of nonconformance to prevent unintended delivery or use, and require re-verification that nonconformance is corrected before subsequent delivery or use.  Metrics, checklists, reports and other records will be identified and referenced in all documentation that is used to perform work to meet Seaport-e task requirements.  The results of all Quality Control monitoring activities will be recorded and reported to the Quality Control Manager for review, analysis and appropriate action.  Reports concerning Quality Control activities are made at Management Review meetings and as required by the FEDDATA Seaport-e Program Manager.