FedData Announces Appointment of Officers

July 24, 2016 Categorised in:

Combination Creates Intelligence Community, Defense Commercial Insider Threat and CounterIntelligence Services Leader

FedData, a leader in providing critical infrastructure services to the Department of Defense and the National Intelligence Community, and a provider of threat reduction and counterintelligence services to major financial institutions, today announced the appointment of its Senior Management. The officers of the Company are:

Jamie Benoit: President
Hon. Joseph Wright: Executive Chair
Deb Bonanni: Counsel
David Keleher: EVP, Finance
Frank Derwin: EVP, Strategy
Rick Hardy: EVP, Business Development, New Markets
Gwen Moodispaw Pal: EVP, Administration
Lonny Anderson: EVP, Counterintelligence Services
Dan Batelka: EVP, Federal Services
Dan Gilliam: EVP, Technology Solutions
William Reybold: SVP, Technology Solutions
William Korink: SVP, Technology Solutions Division
Richard Meyer: SVP, Information Technology
Jasper Graham: SVP, CTO, Counterintelligence Services
Patti Ihnat: SVP, Counterintelligence Servies

Patrick McGowan: VP, Infrastructure Sales
Robert Young: VP, Network Sales
Jeff Marshall: VP, Product Engineering
Lans Griffith: VP, Software and Sales Support
Allen Heuvel: VP, Defense Services
Paul Niemeyer: VP, Defense Services
Les Gibbs: VP: Civilian Services


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