Incident Response and Security

FedData Technology Solutions has provided Network Operations Center (NOC) and Computer Security Incident Response Centers (CSIRC) for several Government customers. FedData Technology Solutions established survivable 7x24 NOCs that monitor the operations of all mission applications at the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JS), the emergency Army Operations Center (AOC) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).

FedData Technology Solutions established and continues to support CSIRC programs for several customers. We provide active and proactive monitoring of the national infrastructure including routers, servers, applications and web sites on a 7x24 basis.

FedData Technology Solutions engineers, design intrusion detection programs, monitoring and vulnerability analysis programs.

FedData Technology Solutions' technical team is experienced in all disciplines of cryptography including encryption at rest, encryption during transfer, data modeling and data vulnerability analysis.

Infrastructure, Networking, Logistics and Equipment Services

FedData Technology Solutions is a leading provider of technology solutions to the intelligence community. Through several single-award IDIQ contracts worth in excess of $500mm, and partnerships with a number of hardware and software manufacturers, we design and manage mission-critical systems for our government customers in the intelligence community.

Through decades of technical service in Government and the private sector, we have unmatched knowledge of the IT architecture of our customers and one-of-a-kind capability to meet their complex demands.

Our unmatched expertise allows our intelligence community partners to optimize existing infrastructure, reduce costs, develop new capabilities, and increase the security of mission-critical networks.

FedData Technology Solutions' network engineering team provides world-class technical expertise to allow our customers to communicate securely and quickly access data in the most demanding environments. We combine some of the best technical talent ever produced by the intelligence community with a focus on the future mission to build, monitor and support secure networks.

Engineering, Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery

We ensure that mission-essential functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents and technological or attack-related emergencies.

FedData Technology Solutions has deep experience designing and operating integrated continuity networks supporting thousands of Pentagon users. We ensure the offsite storage availability of over 1,000 mission-essential applications located in the Pentagon.

FedData Technology Solutions has successfully designed systems and executed continuity and disaster recovery plans under Service Level Agreements that require 100% data recovery within one hour of a catastrophic event. FedData Technology Solutions are experienced in restoring the operability of systems that support mission-critical and critical business processes.


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