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For Critical Missions.

Through decades of technical service in Government and the private sector, we have unmatched knowledge of the IT architecture of our customers and one-of-a-kind capability to meet their complex demands. Our unmatched expertise allows our intelligence community partners to optimize existing infrastructure, reduce costs, develop new capabilities, and increase the security of mission-critical networks.

When combined with their extensive capabilities, FDTS’s relationships and knowledge of DoD and IC infrastructures result in solutions that only FDTS can provide.

Secure Supply
Chain Management

IT infrastructure relies on a globalized supply chain that is vulnerable to numerous risks. Managing that risk requires hardening your supply chain plans, procedures, policies, and processes.

Fulfillment &

We work closely with clients to procure and implement the best technology infrastructure, support secure cloud and virtualization requirements.

Network &

FedData Technology Solutions’ network engineering team provides world-class technical expertise to allow our customers to communicate securely and quickly access data in the most demanding environments.


FedData Technology Solutions has deep experience designing and operating integrated continuity networks supporting thousands of Pentagon users. We ensure the offsite storage availability of over 1,000 mission-essential applications located in the Pentagon.


Ensuring security means arming your team with the right training. Our 26-seat training room includes power and ethernet at each station, so your team can focus on the task at hand.

Brain Power and Experience

We Are The Leading Solutions Provider Positioned For High-security Clients.

Premier Partnerships.

FedData Technology Solutions (FDTS) has elite status with its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including Dell’s Titanium Level Partner status and Cisco’s Gold Partner status. These, and others, are highest-in-class industry partnerships that provide FedData access to the very best world-class hardware, software, cloud-enabled, and as-a-service technologies.

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