Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a step change in how we, as human beings, approach problem solving. The recent surge of AI-based applications is mainly due to the combination of new mathematical modeling tools such as transformers and advancements in massively parallel computing architectures based on graphics processing units (GPUs) accelerators. The transformers represent a breakthrough in training a deep neural network to predict the next event in a sequence. Together with the computational power provided by GPU accelerators, it is now possible to design natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that transcend a simple chatbot.

At FDTS, we specialize in the application of AI-based transformers to a wide array of technical fields such as knowledge exploration, cybersecurity, and computational modeling and simulation. FDTS possesses the expertise, capabilities, and facilities to address the most challenging AI applications with highly creative, budget-minded solutions. 

In the field of cybersecurity, our AI-based applications can enable staff to monitor increasingly complex environments by creating a “digital DNA” of the users or processes running on a network. The AI continuously monitors behavioral patterns, for example using NLP models to scan for sensitive data leaks in emails, and flags events as potential threats before they can cause damage to the organization. The predictive and filtering capabilities of the AI algorithms represent a quantum-leap on how a Network Operations Center (NOC) is managed. The massive reduction in false positive events and the ability to target malicious actors “even before they act” represent a significant differentiator in our offering.

The FDTS Engineering Team has a deep and formal understanding of AI algorithms and methods, and can offer the following: 

  • Expertise in AI approaches and technologies, including MLOPs 
  • Experience integrating and researching the applications of AI to deter cyber-physical attacks, as well as providing solutions for red team and tiger team activities 
  • Experience in applications of AI by conducting research aimed at developing insights and fundamental knowledge about AI and its use case
  • Ability to apply technologies to identify, characterize, and differentiate cyber security events 
  • Ability to establish a theoretical and experimental framework adequate for designing, evaluating, testing and demonstrating a basic/simple, though representative, AI use case
  • Capability to represent, simulate, or emulate cyber events on a composite system representation and measure/evaluate the consequences of the attacks on a variety of systems, from data centers to embedded platforms 
  • Capability to collect, analyze, and visualize composite system state information and identify and differentiate normal and abnormal states, especially those that may result from a cyber-attack 
  • Ability to develop robust and efficient computing architectures, algorithms, and applications for embedded deep learning 
  • Ability to conduct in-depth R&D on generative AI and related applications 
  • Ability to perform Concept Development Activities for Commercial Solutions Openings (CSOs) 

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