Defense Continuity Integrated Network.

August 4, 2016 Categorised in:

Federal Data Systems is part of a multi-disciplinary, multi corporate team tasked with a single architecture solution for Pentagon data protection.


The Challenge:

  • Provide a unified means of off-site survivable storage for all Pentagon tenants.
  • Provide a single network and storage platform that supports all Pentagon networks, servers, operating systems and applications.
  • Baseline COOP costs for all Pentagon environments


  • Private network designed with DISA to separate COOP data traffic from normal workload.
  • Multiple off-site storage locations with dedicated servers and storage dedicated to data preservation.
  • Byte-level data backup for all hardware, operating systems and applications.
  • Real time monitoring and testing of data replication.


  • Mission critical data backup is designed into every new system and application.
  • Real time monitoring prevents loss of any data.
  • Standards and service level agreements provide users with guaranteed service levels.


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