Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

August 4, 2016 Categorised in:

FEDDATA provides support to the IRS on multiple projects including the Enterprise Security Audit Trails initiative (ESAT) as well as the IRS Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC).



  • IRS is a target for hackers throughout the world.
  • National network with regional data centers and public access requires numerous access points and potential security problems.


  • Conduct security product analysis and awareness to enhance communication and ensure that IRS is following current best practices for IT security.
  • Provide system administration services for CSIRC servers, appliances, and IDS equipment. This includes server and appliance installation, monitoring, maintenance, log analysis, upgrades and trouble-shooting.
  • Perform vulnerability assessments in an effort to discover possible weaknesses within the network. Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, work with local IT security specialists to ensure that the vulnerabilities are fixed or a suitable mitigation strategy is developed.


  • Maintain enterprise patching systems.
  • Support the Certification and Accreditation process for Federal information systems.
  • Active member in taking immediate and proactive counter measures in the event of an incident. Provide recommendations on response activities, as appropriate.
  • Provide on-site 24x7x 365 responses to incident/crisis situations.


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