ITA Datacenter

August 4, 2016 Categorised in:

Consolidate multiple contracts and multiple technologies to provide a single provider solution for multi-agency IT support.



  • Consolidate and upgrade multiple overlapping technologies installed by multiple vendors.
  • Introduce monitoring of all network, server and applications.
  • Reduce cost while improving reliability.


  • Move all applications onto blade servers with standard hardware and operating system configurations.
  • Use VMware and similar tools to virtualize servers to improve initial installation time, maintenance downtime and system recovery time.
  • Implement customer outreach tools including service catalogs, SOPs and SLAs to manage and support customer expectations.


  • Outages are down significantly since the start of the contract.
  • Staffing, and customer cost, is at the lowest level in several years.
  • Increased visibility into responsiveness and performance.


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