FedData’s Gianluca “Luca” Longoni Receives “HPC Innovation Excellence Award” from Hyperion Research and the HPC User Forum

We are proud to announce that on November 21, FedData’s Dr. Luca Longoni was formally recognized for his “outstanding application of HPC computing for business and scientific innovation” as a result of his research into the Application of Graph Theory for the Acceleration of a Parallel Neutral Particles and Radiation Transport Algorithm.

FedData Technology Solutions developed a new technique to solve the Linear Boltzmann Equation (LBE) on unstructured mesh grids using graph theory that yields a 10x reduction in the number of iterations required to achieve a converged solution for radiation transport modeling and simulation problems. In addition, a hybrid angular/spatial domain decomposition algorithm has been developed that yields a parallel speed-up of 100X on very challenging benchmark problems, such as the Kobayashi 3-D Benchmarks in Void Ducts. This novel approach utilizes graph theory and advanced parallel computing algorithms to efficiently solve very large 3-D radiation transport problems with extreme accuracy. Potential applications of this new approach are in medical physics, where extreme accuracy is required to accurately predict the radiation dose distribution on a patient.

HPC Innovation Awards

The HPC Innovation Awards are given twice a year to organizations that have made outstanding achievements using high performance computing. The three award categories showcase ROI and success stories showing HPC’s impact on increasing economic value, advancing scientific innovation and engineering progress, and on improving the quality of life worldwide.

For more information about the award please visit the HPC User Forum’s website here.