Generative Artificial Intelligence: FEDDATA Partners with NVIDIA to offer ON-PREM GPT Solutions

FedData is proud to announce our partnership with NVIDIA to offer on-premises GPT solutions to our customers. No technology has taken off faster than Generative AI. With endless use cases, people are realizing that it can make our lives better, faster and more informed.

With OnPremGPT, your data stays safe and proprietary in a self-contained system that doesn’t communicate outside your own network. Fast, and reliable!

It’s like texting a friend who is the leading expert at your own data. Just drop and drag in your documents and it’s instantly and expert at your own documents!

  • User-Friendly Training: Drag-and-drop document feature for easy AI training
  • Data Security: Processes data locally, perfect for sensitive or proprietary information
  • Ready Out of the Box: Simple setup, minimal configuration needed
  • Speed: The fastest embedding and retrieval models available for quickest and most accurate access to your answers
  • AI Data Management: An infrastructure to manage and catalogue large volumes of data

For more information about our OnPremGPT solutions, visit here.

For more information about our AI partnership with NVIDIA, visit here.